Ninebot S

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Not only a stylish toy, but also an opportunity to speed up your way from home to the subway and get tired less during long transitions. On it you can get to school, to college, to work, and to any other location without harm to the environment. It is easy to carry around with you in the subway, cafe or hypermarket. The ultra-modern hoverboard Ninebot S by Segway is what you need for a dynamic life in a big city.

Stylish, lightweight and durable

Ninebot S attracts attention with stylish design. However, despite its smooth shape, it can withstand body weight up to 120 kg. The telescopic handle adjusts according to the user’s height and is easily detached from the main module for transport. The waterproof housing protects the device from precipitation. The weight of the hoverboard is only 13 kg with a very compact size, it is easy to transport it in public transportation and in the trunk of a car. You can take it with you on trips and out of town.

Easy to ride and drive!

Even a young student can stand on Ninebot, and for this you do not need to train additionally. Specially trained embedded systems will do everything for you, you will instantly get used to them!

Convenient wheels for all roads

The key to riding safetly on the Xiaomi Ninebot hoverboard is with the help of the two vacuum tubeless wheels measuring 10.5 inches in diameter. The special tire coating guarantees the stability of the vehicle on any road, and the width of the wheels, in combination with the ground clearance of 9 cm, allows you to overcome small obstacles without the risk of falling and getting injured.

Analysis of your body

Do not feel that you are overweight or, conversely, not large enough. The sensors built into the Ninebot S analyze the weight and riding style of the owner and automatically adjust the riding parameters for greater safety. The Body Position Analysis system adjusts the gyro scooter to the wearer while riding to maintain balance and comfortable handling, while the Pavement Analysis System quietly distinguishes smooth asphalt from bumpy dirt roads.

Battery charge control

The built-in innovative BMS system monitors the load on the hoverboard and redistributes the battery charge. When battery power is low or power is not available, the app on the user’s phone instantly receives a notification for added security.

Smartphone control

The Xiaomi Ninebot gyro scooter can be controlled using a smartphone via a special application available for Android and iOS. Even a child or an elderly person can deal with the application, while it controls the device, transmits information about its technical condition and driving speed. If you are not yet very confident in standing on the hoverboard or unsure of children riding it, then through the application you can set the maximum speed, making sure your or the rider will not accelerate too fast.

Comfort day and night

Even if it gets dark early in your area or you often walk at night, you can safely ride the Ninebot S thanks to the touch-sensitive LED headlights in the front and additional backlighting that changes color depending on your actions (the colors themselves can be set using the application on the smartphone).

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