Hoverboard: benefits for life and health

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What is a hoverboard? A hoverboard is a compact vehicle that has appeared on the market quite recently but has rapidly gained popularity. In this article we will acquaint you with the main features of a hoverboard, its differences from other types of transport and its benefits for a modern person.

What is a hoverboard and how do hoverboard work?

A hoverboard is, in essence, a Segway brought to mind. The main problem of the Segway is its massiveness: it is inconvenient to maneuver, it is even more difficult to turn around, and you need to look for parking on the spot … Naturally, such a vehicle is not very convenient to use.

The creators of the hoverboard took into account all these problems, and as a result, their gadget turned out to be compact and very maneuverable. The hovercraft easily fits into a regular gym bag or backpack, which allows you to carry it with you everywhere and not waste energy looking for parking.

Yes, there is already such modes of compact transportation such as folding bicycles and scooters. But they make you tired and sweaty: pedaling and pushing off the ground. Coming to the office, sweating is not very comfortable, agree? And in size, scooters and bicycles, even folding ones, will be larger than a hoverboard.

So, it turns out that it is really convenient to use it in a modern metropolis. Unlike public transportation, hoverboards won’t get you stuck in traffic jams. There is only one thing left to find out: is the hoverboard good for your health?


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Hoverboard: harm and health benefits

Taking into account the fact that in the modern world many of us are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle, the question arises: is it good for health to ride an electric hoverboard? So at least you can walk to the metro, but there will be no activity at all with a hoverboard.

To answer this question, let’s figure it out: are such walks useful at all? In general, the road to the metro usually go along main – and fairly busy roads. As a result, you end up inhaling the exhaust gases mixed with road dust while hurriedly walking, which is a direct harm to your health!

Unsurprisingly, doctors recommend walking in green areas, such as parks. Accordingly, the less you swallow air near the highways, the better. So, it turns out that the hoverboard not only conserves your strength and energy, but takes care of your health too – which is a major benefit!  This is also an important point to take in when considering hoverboards for kids.

Next: let’s compare the health benefits and harms of a hoverboard versus its competitors. Let’s look at a moped, for example, or any compact motorized vehicle. On these vehicles you have to either sit or stand, which constantly puts a strain on your legs (unicycle). How can this be dangerous?

The seats are generally quite hard. If the quality of the road is also lame, the constant shaking has a very negative effect on health: the back begins to ache, problems with the intestines arise … and sitting in these vehicles simply continues is the same sedentary lifestyle you’re trying to reduce.

Compared to this, the health benefits of a hoverboard are obvious: you just stand on the platform, without straining your legs, in a comfortable position. The vestibular apparatus works, the spine rests from the sedentary load – it turns out to be almost a warm-up before work (or after work). And if you have a hoverboard with speakers, you will also delight those around you.

I would also advise you to read a unique article and find out what a hoverboard is and how it works.

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All of the above makes it one of the best “last mile” vehicles. Try it yourself!