How to choose a scooter for kid: 3 TIPS for parents

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Scooter riding is one of the most popular and favorite types of outdoor activities among people of all ages, especially among children. It is not only very easy to learn how to ride a scooter, but it is always convenient to take it with you due to its small dimensions.
Due to the high demand, the scooter market in USA is replete with offers of children’s models, such as folding children’s scooters, scooters with luminous wheels and scooters for children as little as one years old and for older children.

What scooter should a child between the ages of one and seven have?

Children grow and develop rapidly – their capabilities and preferences also change. In order to choose the right scooter for children, we have identified three age groups:

1-2 years old

The child has just started taking their first steps, so 3wheeled scooter should be as stable, safe and easy to use as possible.
Hybrid scooters with a seat perform very well, as they help the kid to stay balanced in the first stages of riding. Also, these scooters for the little ones are equipped with a parental control handle, which helps to set the trajectory of movement and helps the kid to ride if he is tired.
The hybrid easily combines the functionality of a balance bike, a scooter and a stroller, and when the kid learns to ride successfully, you can remove unnecessary parts and the model will turn into a classic children’s three-wheeled scooter for kids, which is a perfect scooter for a two year old.


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2-4 years old

At this age, the child is already able to stay balanced quite well, so he does not need additional support. However, take your time and look for a three-wheeled model. Did you know that many tricycles actually have 4 wheels? The rear twin wheel gives the scooter additional stability.

Remember that it is better to buy models in which the steering is carried out due to the tilt of the steering wheel, making them more stable.


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4-7 years old

At this age, if the child already feels confident on a three-wheeled scooter, you can begin acquaintance with two-wheeled scooter models.
When choosing, pay attention to the height of the steering wheel: how to choose the right scooter, we described above. Body material (aluminum – lighter, steel – stronger) and bearing class (ABEC5, ABEC7 – optimal) are also important selection parameters.

Whichever scooter you choose for your child, remember that it is important to give preference to trusted manufacturers who guarantee the quality of the scooters and the safety of your child.


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