MOST POPULAR review: Ninebot Mini VS Ninebot Plus

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Xiaomi gyroscooters are successfully conquering the whole world, even those countries where they have only heard about Xiaomi smartphones. The hoverboard is very convenient. It has large wheels, excellent cross-country ability, good power reserve and smooth movement. It is very difficult to fall off the Xiaomi hoverboard – the automation tracks the position of the person’s body and automatically rolls under it, helping to maintain stability. The platform is stable and remains stable when getting off the scooter and when getting on the platform.


Xiaomi Ninebot mini – maximum comfort for minimum money

Best entry-level model. There is a lifting capacity limit of 80 kg. The advantages of the model is that it is smooth and smooth running. It has precise control of the rider’s body position and automatic adjustment. The wheel diameter 10.5 inches, which easily overcomes obstacles like “lying cops”. It also rides gently on asphalt, gravel and on dirt roads.

The Xiaomi Ninebot mini hoverboard is not afraid of moisture, all electronics are reliably protected. The motors are independent, one for each wheel. Powered by a built-in battery, the full charging time is about 3 hours. It is quite fast and convenient for short and frequent trips. It has the ability to synchronize with a smartphone, which displays information about speed, distance and remaining charge.

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The weight of the Xiaomi Ninebot mini hoverboard is only 13 kg. Not too light, but not too heavy. It is perfectly possible to take a hoverboard under your arm and use public transportation to get to parks or to the city center. You can take it with you on a trip and ride along the tourist routes and admire the beauty without unnecessary fuss. The Xiaomi Ninebot mini hoverboard easily takes an ascent up to 15 degrees. The model has been tested by time and is confidently among the top sellers all over the world.

Ninebot Plus is a reliable hoverboard, obedient automatic loader and creative photographer

Ninebot Plus is a powerful hoverboard with 11 ” wheelbase with strong tread. Ninebot Plus copes well with off-roading, you can drive on lawns, bumps, dirt roads and even wet grass. But it is better, of course, on dry asphalt. The power reserve from a single charge is 36 km, the weight is limited to 100 kg. The battery charging time is 5.5 hours.

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A lamp with a light sensor is mounted in the steering rack. In the dark, the flashlight will turn on automatically.

In addition to the basic features, the Ninebot Plus hoverboard has an impressive set of additional features:

  • Remote control with “follow me” function. With the help of the remote control, you can call the scooter to you, or you can select the mode of following you, specifying the desired distance. The hoverboard will follow you like an obedient dog on an invisible leash.
  • What’s important is that the carrying capacity in autonomous mode is preserved. You can place up to 20 kg of cargo on the platform. We recommend purchasing a dedicated compatible shopping basket. Consider a personal delivery service with an obedient and uncomplaining loader at your disposal.
  • The hoverboard stand has a mount for a compatible wide-angle Ninebot Plus Camera. The Ninebot Plus hoverboard can perform the function of operator and photographer. Seriously, you can make a movie in your own mind from the perspective of a robot that is following you.

What to choose?

As the first hoverboard, the Xiaomi Ninebot mini is ideal. Relatively lightweight, easy to operate, with an excellent power reserve for walks and excursions, Xiaomi Ninebot mini is ready to become your faithful companion and reliable vehicle for walking. Despite the low visible energy consumption, walking on a gyro scooter perfectly helps to maintain a slim and fit figure, imperceptibly but effectively train dexterity and coordination of movements.

Ninebot Plus costs about double the price of entry-level models. But the additional options are essential. Cross-country capacity and travel range on a single charge are almost doubled. The self-propelled cargo cart function is absolutely amazing – the automatic loader will work its price pretty quickly. We recommend this model for older people, as the most comfortable one, and for experienced riders.