Influence of sport on the intelligence of a child

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The impact of sports on human health cannot be overemphasized. When people are active, they feel more energized. Physical activity is especially important in a child’s life, because it allows the child to strengthen their body and increase endurance. But, the positive effect of physical activity does not end there: it also have a beneficial effect on the mental development of children, it strengthens their intelligence. How does this happen?


The human body is in dire need of physical activity. Over the past few decades, our life has changed radically – people began to spend more and more time sitting at a computer at home or at work. Children of today suffer especially from this. For full development, they just need to spend more time in the fresh air: run, jump, play outdoor games.

Reasonable exercise is good for everyone, young and old. But few people know that physical activity not only makes the body stronger, but also contributes to the development of the human brain. Scientists have found that an active lifestyle affects the growth of nerve cells that improve various functions of the intellect, namely memory and thinking.

Besides, physical activity makes a person more vigorous. This is especially important for children, because clarity of the mind and the ability to maintain concentration directly affect the quality of assimilation of new knowledge at school. Lack of outdoor walks and a sedentary lifestyle, on the contrary, make the child sleepy and lethargic. It is more difficult for the child to focus on classes than on his mobile peers, which is reflected in both academic performance and the desire to learn. Therefore, it is important to teach children to take part in physical activity, because it will significantly improve the quality of their life.


Not all sports are equally beneficial for the child’s body. Parents should not send their child to such activities where there is a high chance of getting serious injuries. For example, types of martial arts in which it is possible to injure the head are not very suitable for young children. Whatever activities you choose, you need to carefully take into consideration the safety of your little athlete.

The following sports are great for children of all ages:

  • Swimming: this sport has a unique effect on the human body. It not only helps to strengthen the immune system and train all muscle groups, but also relieves stress. Given the stress on the psyche of modern schoolchildren, this comes in handy.
  • Dancing: dancing gives moderate physical activity and teaches the child to better control their body, which improve coordination. Besides, dancing is a huge scope for creativity.
  • Gymnastics: even a light range of gymnastic exercises can significantly improve blood circulation. This sport is very useful for children, because it neutralizes the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle, which is so susceptible to modern schoolchildren.
  • Team sports, such as Football, volleyball and basketball – all these sports not only provide the body with a great amount of physical activity, but also instills social skills in the child. Teamwork allows a child to learn how to interact with other people, which is very useful in adulthood.c


In sports, as in any other activity, moderation is important. The sport should not exhaust the child. After taking part in the activity, the child should feel slight fatigue, but not weakness. You should not force children to engage in a sport that is not interesting for them, classes should be attended with pleasure.

It is also important to remember that sports are not a substitute for walks in the fresh air. The sun and oxygen are components that directly affect human well-being. When planning the daily routine for a child, they should not be forgotten in any case.

For the full physical and mental development of children, it is important not only to combine mobile and intellectual activities, but also to leave them time for leisure and rest. Excessive workload will only harm. By following these recommendations, it will be possible to harmoniously organize the daily routine of the child, which will allow them to grow up smart, healthy and happy.



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