Accessorises for Segway

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Waterproof Storage Bag

You can take everything with you – keys, mobile phone, drinking water – everything you may need on your trip, even spare batteries for the player. The durable plastic case will protect your belongings and keep them in perfect order. The bag can be easily removed and you can take it with you upon arrival at your destination. The outside of the bag can be customized with a logo, reflective stickers, or your own design.


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Bike Locks Cable


Securely attach your Segway to any fixed object with a cable lock. This reliable lock can be used almost anywhere and serves as a good deterrent for would-be kidnappers. Cannot be used in conjunction with the drive and steering column lock.


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Bike Light

If you like to ride an electric scooter on highways, then the marker light will become an indispensable companion at any time of the day and in any weather. The light of the flashlight from a distance will warn drivers of transport about the presence of a scooter on the road, thereby preventing an accidental accident. It is especially important to use the parking lights in the dark or in fog. Do not neglect your safety, because even a device as small as a side light has saved the lives of millions of people around the world.

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