What kind of electric car does your child need?

As a child, I, like many children in my time, was taken to the village to visit my grandparents for the whole summer. There were almost no toys, and one of the most desirable toys I had was an old battered iron car on pedals. Every boy dreamed of riding it.

Today, the main problem is to choose from dozens and hundreds of the most diverse and functionally sophisticated children’s electric vehicles. I’ll tell you how they differ and what you should pay attention to when choosing.

Pick a car by age

Children’s electric cars are designed for children from 1 to 8 years old, but different cars are designed for different ages. For example, if a child is already 6 years old, and you buy him a model of a vehicle fit for a child up to 4 years old, he simply will not be able to ride it normally: his legs will rest on the steering wheel.

Electric cars for the little ones — from 1 to 3 years old — are safe because they move at low speeds and are often equipped with a remote control that can be controlled by their parents.

For children age 3 to 8 years old, large electric cars for, electric buggies and electric quads are purchased. Such vehicles are equipped with powerful batteries and motors, with which the rider can accelerate faster.

Children can also ride two-seater electric cars together, but it must be taken into consideration that the total maximum weight of both children should not exceed 40 kg.

Determine where the child will ride

If the child will ride on asphalt, a low car with smooth wheels and rear-wheel drive will do. Most children’s cars are not designed for driving in deep puddles and sand, since the base is where the wires and motors are not protected from moisture and dirt. If the vehicle breaks down due to any damage, you will not be able to take advantage of the warranty provided by the store.

For a summer cottage, where there are many dirt roads, grass and off-road, you need a high four-wheel-drive car with deep tread on wheels.

Choose models with a handle

Many kids’ electric vehicles are equipped with a retractable handle and small wheels. This option is called the «suitcase handle». I recommend choosing models with such a pen in the kit, because you never know when the battery will run out and where it will happen. In such a situation, you simply pull out the handle and take the machine to the right place.

Buy a spare battery

On average, the battery charge on a child’s car lasts for 1-2 hours, depending on the model and operating conditions. You can buy a spare battery and a charger for it. True, you need to keep in mind that they weigh a lot, but you don’t have to drag a car with a discharged battery manually.

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