What gift to choose for a child

Choosing a gift for a child is always a difficult and responsible decision. Perhaps the question «what to give?» most acutely, or slightly less acutely, but always in one form or another stands before any adult.

We propose to consider gifts for outdoor activities:

  • Of course, a lot depends on the allocated budget, but you can start by organizing your own sports corner in the child’s room. It can be a standard Swedish wall, but you can limit yourself to, for example, a punching bag (you must definitely buy gloves, otherwise the gift will be incomplete). If conditions permit, you can hang a basketball hoop in the yard and donate a basketball. For a very large yard, consider organizing a soccer field with mini-gates. It will be interesting to play in teams of 3-4 people each.
  • A children’s electric quad is no longer just an electric car, but a real technique on which you can quite freely travel, including off-road. Of course, it will be inferior in cross-country ability to a real quad, but, nevertheless, it can be used in full-fledged trips. The most important thing is that the child will be able to control this technique, follow it, which will make him feel older than his years.                                           
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  • A mini trampoline is a great opportunity to give your child a holiday in his own home. Such a thing usually fits easily in a standard yard, folds up to a very compact size (for example, during the winter season), but will invariably delight any active child. After all, on your own trampoline, you can learn not only to jump, but also to train somersaults, somersaults and other acrobatic techniques. Of course, the trampoline will become the center of attraction for all the children invited to the birthday party.

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  • Toy walkie-talkie and Nerf sets. Your child will definitely be delighted if you equip him and a couple of his friends with light machine guns of a well-known brand (they shoot weightless cartridges made of foam and plastic), and also equip them with walkie-talkies and some kind of military uniform, helmets, goggles, imitation body armor. Long hours of gunfights are guaranteed.

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  • A kite or a boomerang — an enduring love of these simple entertainments manifests itself in entire generations of children. Today’s seven-year plan will be no exception. It’s best to fly a snake with your family — this way you can spend time together, rally. A boomerang will give you a lot of active hours spent in the fresh air.

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