How to learn to ride a hoverboard? Instructions

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How to ride a hoverboard? Despite what manufacturers call mini-segways “intuitive transport,” many newbies are intimidated by these two-wheeled platforms. How do you even ride a scooter that has no steering wheel no support, and has only two wheels?

In fact, controlling a gyro scooter – like a regular segway – is not difficult. It is enough to know the basics, and then it will go by itself. We will now talk about these basics.

What do you need to know before riding a hoverboard?

First of all, read the instructions for your hoverboard. Make sure it is properly assembled, charged, and ready to ride. In the future, do the same: before each trip, inspect the mini-segway for faults and charge in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Next: find a suitable area for your first trips. The area should be flat (unless you have 10-inch wheels, of course) and a fairly spacious area (at least 5×5 meters), without any obstacles. An empty parking lot can work well. Ideally, have a friend with you who can help you learn how to ride a hoverboard. In the first few minutes of riding, support – in the literal sense of the word – will be very important.

And finally, we strongly recommend that you use protective equipment: knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet. It is possible that you will still fall, and in this case, protection will not be superfluous.

Hoverboard: how to operate it !?

So, let’s start learning how to ride a hoverboard. Follow our simple instructions, and in a few minutes, you will succeed!

Get on the hoverboard

Place the hoverboard in front of a helper or in front of a wall to hold onto. If a friend is helping you, he can hold the gyro scooter to restrict movement – it will be easier for you to get up. Place one foot on the platform and the device will turn on, and then it will start vibrating. Do not be alarmed if it breaks out, just lean on leg already standing on the platform and put the second one next to it.

IMPORTANT: A hoverboard without a handle works in such a way that if you stand calmly on it with two feet, you will not fall anywhere. But if you start waving your arms, swinging – “balancing” – you will definitely fall. So, try not to get nervous: look straight ahead, with knees slightly bent and don’t make any unnecessary movements.

When you manage to get on the hoverboard, stand still for a minute or two, get used to the sensations, and then you can allow yourself to move forward.

How to operate a hoverboard?

The mini-segway does not have a steering wheel, your body acts in its role. Try to bend your whole body forward slightly – not to hunch your back, but to bend over! No need to “fall”, a deviation of 5-10 degrees is enough.

The hoverboard will go forward immediately. The more you lean, the faster the movement will be – up to a certain maximum speed of 15-20 km/h usually. Furthermore, no matter how you deviate, the hoverboard will not accelerate more.

To stop, just lean back. Practice riding in a straight line: ride the hoverboard back and forth. When you can safely perform these actions without the support of a friend, move on to mastering turns.

IMPORTANT: Hands can be held as you like, as long as you feel comfortable. You can keep them in a bag, you can put them in your pockets, you can even read a book – no special requirements.


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How to ride a hoverboard? Turns

You already know how to drive forward and backward, so what remains is learning how to turn. Here, too, everything is controlled by the transfer of body weight and the deviation of the body, but there is a nuance:

To turn left, shift your body weight to the right toe, to turn right to the left.

Yes, when riding a hoverboard, the mirror principle works, and you need to get comfortable with this. At first, it may be unusual for you to press on the platform with your right foot to turn left, but this discomfort will quickly pass.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard? Conclusion

Above, there is already enough information so that after 10-15 minutes of classes you can already move on a mini-segway. There is one important piece of advice left for me to give: move smoothly and take your time. The hoverboard reacts very responsively to changes in the position of your body: if you suddenly jerk, it will also move very sharply, and you will most likely fall.

Smoothly, accurately, measuredly – move in this way, and riding a hoverboard will become a pleasure for you!


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