How to choose a children’s electric car

It is important to note that the parameters you need to specify when selecting an electric car.

Minimal age

Manufacturers always indicate what age the electric car is designed for. Age-appropriateness is a set of specific characteristics that ensure the safe use of an electric vehicle. For example, children under the age of five should not buy powerful electric vehicles that can reach high speeds. Small children do not control themselves so well, and even more, so they cannot fully control a complex toy at high speed. In addition, electric cars for kids only have one drive wheel. This is for security reasons.

There are universal models that are suitable for several age categories at once. These models have two key features: the ability to parentally control the car using the remote control and the ability to adjust the speeds, including setting the maximum speed, which cannot be exceeded during the game.

Wheel material

Wheels can be rubber or plastic. Plastic ones are not very reliable, they are designed to carry light weight only and for use on a flat surfaces. Rubber wheels provide the electric vehicle with better flotation and shock absorption.

In a car on inflatable wheels, you can ride on a conditional off-road — for example, on the lawn near a country house. The larger the wheels, the more stable the car and the more comfortable it is to ride on uneven surfaces. For a comfortable ride, it is best to choose four-wheel drive models with high and wide rubber wheels.

Maximum speed and battery voltage

Most often, children’s electric cars reach speeds of up to 15 km / h. The maximum speed depends on the battery voltage. The higher the voltage, the more powerful the motor of the car and, accordingly, the higher the speed.

Most models are equipped with batteries with a voltage of 12, 24 and 36 V. These are optimal indicators for children under ten years old. Such cars can reach a fairly high speed, but are safe for a children. A 6–12 volt model is enough for small children, but older children can buy a more powerful model. In this case, one should not forget about safety. A machine that is too powerful can reach speeds that a child cannot cope with, so the optimal voltage is 24 or 36 V for older children.

Maximum load

Any electric vehicle, regardless of the shape and power of the engine, has weight restrictions. This indicator largely depends on how long the car will serve the child and whether it can accommodate several children at the same time.

If you want a children’s electric car to last three or four years, you should choose models that can withstand a weight of at least 35 kg. Ideally, if the possible load is up to 50-60 kg, there will be no quarrels over who gets to ride in the electric car, because it will be possible to fit in it all together.

Seat belts

Seat belts are an indispensable element of a children’s electric car. Children should always be wearing their seat belts, because while driving in an electric car, you can lose control.

The presence of a remote control

The remote control allows the parent to control the movement of the electric vehicle. The remote control is necessary if the electric vehicle is designed for a very small child, as young as two years old.

Operating time on one charge

The operating time on a single charge depends on the capacity of the battery and the mode in which the child is traveling. At high speeds and when driving uphill, the vehicle will lose power more quickly. Electric vehicles with a standard battery capacity of 6 to 12 Ah can operate on a single charge under high load for about 30 minutes. The larger the capacity, the longer the electric car can travel without recharging.

If an electric car has been driving for an hour, then it needs to be recharged for 8-15 hours. Better to do it right away. On average, the batteries are rated for 300 recharges. It is also harmful for the battery to be out of work for a long time, therefore, if it is not the season for an electric car, charge the battery after 5-6 months.

If you want to extend the battery life, you can buy an extra battery. This is especially true for families with several children.

Construction type

Electric vehicles come in many different types. There are models that resemble SUVs, ATVs, cars, bicycles, maps, tractors, and others. There is only one way to choose a suitable one — to let the child sit in an electric car or ride it. The easiest way is to arrange a small test drive in the store, and then order the model you like at the best price on the internet.

The most convenient models are ATVs and SUVs — they are easy to ride on any surface, because they have powerful wheels. For older children who have well-developed coordination, you can choose models on two wheels, made like a motorcycle.


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