Choose a balance bike for the little ones

Balance Bike for the youngest is a real salvation for parents of active kids who have already learned to walk and run. This children’s transport will help to channel children’s energy into a peaceful way and improve the health of the child. You can buy the first Balance Bike for a kid over a year old.

What is a balance bike?

A balance bike is a bicycle without pedals. Classic models have two wheels, but for kids you can buy a device with three or four wheels for greater stability. The frame can be made of metal, plastic or wood. In the classic models, the seat is the same as for an ordinary bicycle.

He will serve as a balance bike a year to two or three years, depending on the child’s growth rate. The height of the steering wheel and saddles can be adjusted by lifting them as the driver grows older. It is important that the transport at the lowest position corresponds to the current height of the child. It is not necessary to buy a bicycle «to grow up», so that the child could serve longer. The child simply can’t master it and risks losing interest in this wonderful transport.

Why do you need a balance bike?


You need a balance bike to ride with pleasure and to actively learn the world around you. In this case, riding is safe for the child. To start riding you just need to push your foot off the ground, and to slow down, lean on the ground with your foot. To fall in this case is very difficult, because the driver can always touch the ground. If we are talking about balance bikes with three and four wheels, it is almost impossible to fall.

The bicycle will help your child:

  • To become more enduring and physically strong, to improve the coordination of movements, which is especially important for babies.
  • Learn to keep the balance and in the future to move on a two-wheeled bike without difficulties.
  • Better concentration: while riding, the child observes the road and the presence of obstacles on it and learns not to be distracted by extraneous stimuli.
  • Gain confidence in yourself. Having successfully mastered balance bike a child will get positive experience and will not be afraid of new tasks. One more nuance: sitting on the bicycle, the child feels more confident due to constant contact with the ground. He is not afraid to fall, so he is more willing to drive a new transport for himself.

To master the balance bike the smallest can be just two or three walks. The main thing is that the child rides on a firm flat road without ice and snow and be suitably dressed. A running child quickly begins to sweat, so you should not wrap him before going out. Even if something did not work out the first time, do not insist, just offer the baby to return to a new toy on another day.


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