Choosing childcare for your child is one of the hardest decisions a parent has to face. And…of course you want a childcare facility that offers many options to choose from to suit your busy schedule. Our childcare facilities are inspired by children and designed to incorporate national standards in a unique, safe learning environment that challenges children to learn. We also provide a caring and positive atmosphere where fun activities and stimulating experiences actively support all areas of child development. Weather your child is only a few weeks old or a few years old, we specialize in helping them learn and grow at every step of the way. Our team members build positive one-on-one child and parent relationships, creating a strong partnership and incorporating parental care requests in the development of healthy, thriving children. Taking Kidz Places is a safe and nurturing “Home Away from Home” where parents can entrust their children to be.

Educational Philosophy

Our Learning Center positions itself as a community resource for children and parents. We will strengthen relationships in every household by providing a nurturing and safe environment for all children to come, while parents work, and enjoy time for pleasure or professional growth. It is our mission to give the necessary tools to be positive decision makers today, tomorrow, and in the future.


Program Goals

• Promote developmentally–appropriate practices
• Promote hands-on Interaction
• To build decision-making and problem solving skills
• To build and increase vocabulary
• Promote literacy skills
• Promote small/large group instruction


Our curriculum is thematically-based and lends itself to making connections between concepts, ideas, language development, and vocabulary building. Each classroom centers its learning on important components such as loving relationships, stimulating environments, and developmentally appropriate practices.

*Infants – We understand that babies need around the clock supervision and highly specialized care. Because each infant is different, we are more than happy to accommodate special requests, regarding feeding, naps or whatever it is your child needs.

*Toddlers – Toddlerhood is an exciting stage in a child’s development. It is a time when language, social, physical and cognitive skills begin to flourish. Our program focuses on fostering these skills and concepts. Toddlers are learning during every moment of their day, using all of their senses to explore.

*Pre-K3 – Emotional and social development is a crucial fundamental building block for children. The preschool group offers a tremendous opportunity to interact with each other while simultaneously learning about themselves. It is a wonderful environment in which to build self-esteem along with working on fine motor development and early writing skills.

*Pre-K4 – Life is daily adventure when you are a preschooler. TKP provides plenty of choices for your preschool child to explore and grow. The children thrive in orderly, well organized classrooms and experience activities in language arts, science, math, social studies, health, and physical education. Our teachers ensure preschoolers have a joyful, appropriate and meaningful learning experience that will lead to success in school and life.